Tech Tip: Making Videos Using Photos App On Your iphone

Video Making in Photos App

This tech tip goes over how to make a montage video with music and titles using your Photos App that customs installed for free on your iphone. Enjoy!

Written instructions are below.

In case you’re curious, I use Reflector to record my iphone and I use Debut to make screen casts. Editing done in Adobe Premeire Pro.

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Detailed Instructions

  • Open Photos App
  • Go to Camera Roll
  • Click “Select” in top right
  • Select the photos/videos you want to be in your montage by tapping the image (a blue check mark will appear on selected photos)
  • Click “Add To”
  • Click “New Album” and name the album. The name you use here will be the title on your video
    • The album will be created and then the phone will kick you back into the camera roll.
  • Click “Albums” in the top left to get back to Album View
  • Tap your just created album to open it.
  • Click the arrow to the right of the date at the top (not the clock at the top of the phone.)
  •  Click the “Play” symbol on the video at the top
    • This will automatically start putting together a video montage. If you immediately want to edit, at any point you can tap the video to stop it from playing and you will be provided buttons below.
  • Either at the end of the video – or if you tapped to pause – click the icon in the bottom right (3 lines with 3 dots)
  • Click “OK” to add video to Memories
  • On This Screen you can tap to edit:
    • The Title (Change the title and/or the font used)
    • The Music (Pick a free song they give you, or upload one from your itunes)
    • The Duration (Length of the movie)
    • Photos & Videos
      • For me Photos App would not automatically use the photos I gave it, so I would need to go in here, hit the “+” and add the rest of the photos in the album.
  • When done editing Title/Music/Duration/Photos – Click “Done” in the top right.
  • Use the Share icon in bottom left to:
    • Text the video
    • Email the video
    • Save Video (will put it in your camera roll)
    • Airdrop it to your computer
    • Push to Social


You will be able to find your made video again within Photos > Memories. Or, if in step #15 you saved in somewhere, in those locations.

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