Technical Support

Sometimes a hair pulling situation is just a click away from happy computing. And sometimes, it does take a little more work to get your product working smoothly again.

 Some common issues AP Tech has tackled previously…

• Adding RAM to increase speed

• Removing Viruses

• Replacing Hard Drives

• Dealing with issues like “Blue Screens,” “Black Screens,” and “Crashing.”

• Recapturing Data

• “This isn’t doing that” fixes

• Connecting with Printers, other devices

• Network and Internet Connection Issues

• Software bug fixes

• Changing your FB profile picture (that one was for my Mom.) But seriously…

If I can tackle your hardware problem, I will. And if I can not I will be sure to point you in the right direction for help free of charge. Though it’s tempting to throw your computer out the window; Call me first and let me take a look!